A Molecule is a Molecule is a Molecule  Love is Love is Love is Love

Since the day Molecule 01 was first bottled in 2006, our conviction has been rooted in the belief that an individual’s olfactory fingerprint defies simplistic, binary categorisations such as ‘his’ and ‘hers’. This philosophy serves as the inspiration for our new Valentine’s Day campaign — a homage to the unparalleled simplicity embodied by our revolutionary Molecule fragrances and their elusive essence. Much like the boundless quality of love that transcends labels and disparities, the Molecule fragrances exist in a fluid realm where distinctions of identity, gender, and sexuality seamlessly dissolve into the very essence of connection. They are more than scents; they are catalysts for a union with no limits.

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Modern scents for modern love stories

Pure and singular, our Molecule fragrances are radically minimalist and celebrate the chemical scents that make up the bulk of perfumes in their own right. Geza Schoen, the nose behind EM, wanted to take a conceptual approach to olfactory creativity and innovate at a molecular level by reducing a fragrance down to its essential elements. Effects, not fragrances, where a single note aroma-chemical gives the most dynamic results: freshness and sex appeal.

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