Escentric Molecules portables offer eight shades of minimalist luxury to the fragrance purist.

Escentric Molecules portables are 30ml fragrances that slot into sleek, minimalist cases for maximum portability.

Each metal case is blasted with stainless steel ‘sand’ to burnish the surface to a soft lustre. It is then anodised for high durability.

The luxury metal cases reflect the purist ethos of the fragrances. The upper face of the Escentric case lid is stamped with the letter e in binary code: 01100101 and the number 01, 02, 03 or 04. The upper face of the Molecule case lid is stamped with the letter m in binary code: 01101101 and the number 01, 02, 03 or 04.

The portable cases are colour-coded in intense metallic hues.

Escentric 01 – purple
Molecule 01 – gunmetal

Escentric 02 – orange
Molecule 02 – burgundy

Escentric 03 – lime
Molecule 03 – moss

Escentric 04 – hot pink
Molecule 04 – bronze

30ml stand-alone fragrances are also available to recharge the travel case.