EM03 and EM04: Behind Scents

EM03 and EM04: Behind Scents

Geza Schoen deconstructs the scents of Javanol and Vetiveryl Acetate, the hero molecules of EM03 and EM04.

25 min listen
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For the sixth episode of our Molecast series, founder and perfumer Geza Schoen sits down with Susan Irvine to discuss EM03 and EM04.

Our Molecast series is dedicated to uncovering the stories behind the creation of EM fragrances, offering an insight into the world of maverick perfumer Geza Schoen straight from the horse's mouth.

In this episode, Geza discusses Vetiveryl Acetate, a hybrid molecule, half-synthetic, half natural, a fraction of vetiver oil 'crossed' with acetic and acid.

"Vetiver is probably the most sophisticated woody note there is when it comes to natural products. It's love or hate. You almost have to learn to appreciate this ingredient."

If E03 evokes woody-musky, grassy accords of the summery scents that have seared themselves into our memory, the star molecule of E04 is a love letter to Javanol. This nonlinear futuristic ingredient is "the wildest [sandalwood-type molecule] because it is so complex and has such radiance".